“Thank you Audrey, for inspiring us to live from the place of our Hearts through singing and for helping us to find our voice, for highlighting over and over that our voice is MEDICINE! For showing how to incorporate devotion in modern life, for embodiment of Goddess Saraswati in you and each one of us.”

Dhira Shakti / Hong Kong

“Audrey and Chris are really inspiring, both as individuals and as a partnership. They made our experience feeling so safe for us to express at the fullest. I m very grateful for all the teachings and very proud I got lucky enough to participate to this beautiful adventure. I cannot recommend them enough, I guess you just have to get onboard and feel this amazing container by yourself. Thank you Audrey and Chris Much Love D”


“Audrey & Chris, they are incredibly skilled Bhakti musicians and most importantly teachers. I did the 50h Bhakti Training and I loved the way the voice, the heart and our harmonium skills where so gently opened and without even knowing we were all playing, singing and sharing. What a beautiful devotional journey. I def highly recommend learning with Audrey & Chris. Easeful and full of wisdom and epic sounds. It’s as much as a learning experience as it is inner growth journey.”

Eliska / Czech Republic and Bali

“I want to extend so much love and gratitude; I’ve never been on a training that has opened me in a way this Bhakti training has. I felt so connected to the source, to God, to everything. I released blockages I didn’t even realise I had.’I can’t thank you enough, how beautiful you are and how beautiful you and Chris are when you play together. You can read different people and understand what they need, you are a teacher who can teach all different kinds of people. I witnessed how you can connect with every single person in the group, how you feel into what each individual needs to feel nourished, seen and heard.”

Rebecca / Scotland

“This past week I embarked on a Bhakti Yoga teacher training to reclaim my voice & reclaim it I did. I love Hindu Sanskrit mantra & I learnt more of this, I learnt harmonium, chords, & to sing into a microphone & sing in front of people. I learnt some of the stories of the Hindu gods & goddesses which I also have loved since traveling to India & I just learnt so much but most of all I learnt I can be vulnerable & feel safe, I can be held in a safe container of beautiful souls (all younger than me) & feel heard, loved, accepted & cheered on.

I have enjoyed attending Kirtan over the past couple of years, although they are few & far between in Melbourne but when I came across Audrey Sarquilla, I just knew I had to go, to open my heart & sing, a beautiful soul who had followed her soul path finally to Bhakti & I’m so glad she did. You are never to old to learn something. After years in finance, I received my first accreditation in Bhakti yoga yesterday & I am so proud.”

Francine / Australia


“Audrey has an incredible ability within a few notes on the harmonium and a few words of pure love, to open up the most buried of hearts. With Chris by her side, she sings with such emotion, openness and pure joy that you can’t help but feel deeply, cry unashamedly, love truly and smile fully. I will forever be grateful to both Audrey and Chris for showing me Bhakti, allowing me to reopen my heart and more than anything, for helping me find my voice.”

Pippa / UK and Bali


““I’m feeling so much more balanced and accepting of myself after a powerful session with Audrey Sarquilla yesterday. My spirit wisdom said loud and clear: stop gripping, stop trying to hold everyone and everything together. Release, surrender, let go. Today, I embrace all the beautiful, complex layers of ME.”

Mandy Burstein


“You are amazing!!!! We were all saying it was more like coaching meets musical performance meets spa like yoga”

Andrea Shillington

“The best discovery of yoga classes I had in Ubud was the Bhakti Yoga with Audrey Sarquilla. I have never done this type of yoga, but it was free, musical, and a very special experience. I would highly recommend trying this class and being open to the places it can take you. She is lovely, so inspiring and I learned so much in her classes.”

Macau / China


“Audrey facilitated each day seamlessly, from the heart, and was a wonderful yoga teacher. She was able to hold space for what ever came up for the participants. The women who participated in the retreat really bonded by the end of the retreat, having been provided a very safe space to relax and be their authentic selves. I never once felt like too much was packed into each day as there was spaciousness in every day. The variety of activities were a perfect balance. I will never forget the beauty of the flower ceremony on the beach at sunset! I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who would love to be in a gorgeous place and feel supported in their yoga practice and in their process of unfolding.”

Gaelyn Larrick / Bali