Bhakti Yoga is commonly known as the Yoga path of Devotion and surrender. Bhakti is the practice of getting really good at feeling all of our emotions and through chanting and singing mantras, dancing and moving our bodies we raise our vibration.

Bhakti Music

The First time Audrey played her harmonium tears streamed down her face and at that moment Her teacher Reflected; “You’ve found your Divine instrument.” Audrey shares the same love and devotion through sacred music with her students. Listen here.

Bhakti Academy

A unique Online training experience of deep connection with each other through Bhakti Yoga philosophy, chanting and music! We have designed a ‘rolling’ enrollment model where students can enter during the year and begin the online course working at their own pace.


Bhakti Flow

Audrey’s Signature Bhakti Flow class is often referred to as ’Kirtan on the Mat’! Movement becomes prayer in this soulful and dynamic class combining mantras, asana, ecstatic dance with live music guided by Audrey and Chris.


In a Kirtan, Mantras are typically sung/chanted together “Call And Response “ in a group setting with community (Sangha). Kirtan can be translated to “Narrating” or “Telling a Story”. When we sing kirtan, we are awakening our hearts and healing old traumas and wounds. For ourselves, and for others. Kirtan can soothe your Mind, voice and heart making it easier to live in a state of being in Love with life – Hence the practice of Bhakti Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga, is like having A “love affair” with life. Eventually Everywhere we look, everything we look at, we will see beauty and love.

Bhakti Trainings was…”Another no-words-are-enough week. A very beautiful & safe space was held for us by Bhakti Queen, Audrey Sarquilla,  where we got to share, sing, explore, play, connect, be ourselves, feel deeply, listen, express, learn and more.”

Paula Gonzalez, Bali

“I had the most amazing time during the Bhakti Training with Audrey Sarquilla and Chris Sarquilla. I urge anyone thinking about signing up to just do it. You won’t regret it. It’s one of the most fulfilling programs. My heart has never felt so open. The friendship and deep connections you will make with your fellow Bhakti students will last forever.”

Cathy Dearinger, Australia

“I don’t even have words that match the gratitude I have for Audrey Sarquilla & Chris Sarquilla. The space you created, the love you are, the support you offer, your magic, your sass, your light, your laughter, and of course, your music, I just simply love you both so, so much. Thank you for being a space where we may open up new pieces of ourselves, and come more fully home. I feel more at home on Earth knowing your love is here. I love you so, so much, Thank you. Thank you.”

Nina Camille, USA

“After a Kirtan with Audrey I got very inspired to learn Harmonium and learn chanting with her. I find that the technique that she brings to allow the voice to come naturally was very helpful with her comfortable open approach. I find my self releasing blockages that I was holding in my throat, communication and voice. I am so happy and grateful of her teaching and looking forward for more to come.”

Melanie Dagenais, French Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Macrobiotic Chef