Her early years in pre-med, Behavioral sciences, Hypnotherapy and bodywork modalities set the stage for Yearning for More Spiritual insight. Teaching yoga for the past two decades she is grateful to her many teachers for Awakening her on the Yogic Path. Audrey’s Classes are filled with heart, full of philosophical gems of understanding and awareness, expressed with humor, love and humility.

Audrey guides yoga Classes, Kirtans and women’s circles as a form of self-discovery and empowerment rooted in many traditions including Western Traditional Mysteries, Ashtanga, Bhakti and Tantra yogas.

Audrey Created, owned and Operated a yoga studio for several years in Encinitas, California where her heart and home will always reside even during all of her travels and living abroad.

Bhakta, Tantrika, Yogini, Audrey shares yoga from 30+ years of a multi-lineage journey and the depth of her own Sadhana. Teaching yoga for over two decades, her invitation to students is to remember ultimately this is ‘your’ unique yoga journey. As a Teacher’s Teacher, she founded a Yoga school in 2013, now called Saraswati Bhakti Academy, and owned a yoga studio in California. Audrey has studied Kashmir Trika Shivaism on the Ganges in Varanasi and Bhakti in the Himalayas. She is inaugurated in a Balinese spiritual lineage under two High Priests and calls Bali her home. Audrey offers yoga and Bhakti Sankirtanam through retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, an online platform and through her devotional music. Find her mantra music on Spotify and learn more about Audrey at