2024 Online training begins this January. Sign up Below! Advanced YTT: Earn your Advanced 300/500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Designation through Yoga Alliance 

Bring Bali into your home through this one-of-a-kind Bhakti Yoga journey!

Let’s share this gift of yoga and transform society by bringing the whole world together through Love. This unique training is like non-other out there. It’s an advanced training through story-telling combined with scientific studies. And it’s a music and voice empowerment school led with love.

Whether you are looking to deepen your own practice or advance your teaching skills, White Peacock Yoga School’s advance training, Bhakti Academy, will inspire your practice and distinguish you as a Bhakti Yoga teacher. Expand your heart, build your confidence and knowledge in advanced elements of yoga, Specializing in Bhakti, Prema-Kirtan, harmonium playing, leading chanting and Kirtan, Voice Empowerment and teaching Audrey’s signature BhaktiFlow classes.

“One hundred years from now people will acknowledge yoga as the greatest gift from India.”



  • SPECIALIZE AND IMMERSE YOURSELF. Learn to express your art and music that is already inside of you. Discover the inherent and most important practice of any yoga path, Devotion, while learning your voice is the greatest medicine in your life.
  • This is NOT JUST FOR TEACHERS. Our Online training is for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge and experience in a loving and inclusive path of yoga. Bhakti yoga is the daily practice of falling in love with life.
  • BRING BALI INTO YOUR HOME. 2020 taught us that online sharing has become a blessing. We can virtually connect into each other’s homes and we can continue to share the Bali Magic with you no matter where you are in the world.

There is no other program like this.   


  • 300/500 HOUR YOGA ALLIANCE CERTIFICATION.  You’ll leave this training with an International Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate that qualifies you to teach anywhere in the world.  This is the most widely recognized and accepted international yoga registry in the world.
  • VOCAL CONFIDENCE AND MUSICAL EXPERIENCE.  Free your voice and sing mantras in your classes. Create unique classes in your community sharing the ancient wisdom and healing technology of mantra.
  • CONFIDENCE & RADIANCE AS A PRACTITIONER AND TEACHER.  Confidence in teaching is one of the biggest barriers on any teacher’s journey. While not everyone who takes this training will teach, you’ll leave feeling like you have something of immense value to practice and share with the world:  Falling in love with Yourself!
  • GLOBAL YOGA COMMUNITY.  Give yourself the gift of community. Whether you choose to increase your teaching skillset to open opportunities to teach globally or take this as an immersion, you’ll build lifelong friendships and gain access to a global yoga community.



  • Deep Dive into the History, Philosophy and Lifestyle of Bhakti Yoga
  • Sanskrit Chanting and it lasting effects on the energetic body 
  • Discussions and Lectures covering all aspects of Bhakti Yoga Philosophy
  • Written Prayers, Deity Stories and inspirational theming to teach your own Bhakti Flow classes
  • Full Outline Examples to lead Audrey’s signature BhaktiFlow Classes
  • Art of Sequencing a Bhakti Flow
  • Study of the Bhagavata Purana and Other Epics
  • Learn Devenagari Alphabet (Sanskrit) and how it correlates with your energy body
  • Advanced Energy Anatomy, Emotional Psychology, physiology, and philosophy of the chakra system
  • Chanting Lessons/Tutorials
  • Set-List for your yoga classes and Kirtans
  • Harmonium A-Z
  • Learn Audrey’s Kirtan songs as well as many other popular Kirtan songs
  • Distinguish yourself as a yoga teacher creating Value and Leading with LOVE in your community
  • Music Theory – Western and Eastern
  • What Music equipment is needed for Live Online workshops and classes
  • Learn how to record and share your meditations and music with your community
  • ‘How to’ Create your online business in these current times. 


2024 Enrollment opens July 1, 2023.

Online Live Calls for 2024

2 Time ZONES for Northern and Southern Hemispheres: 9:00am – 12:00pm and 3:00pm-6:00pm Bali Timezone (Singapore GMT+8)

Feb 10th

March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

June – No Live Session

July – 13th

August 10th

September 14th

October 12th

November 9th – Graduation

December – Turn in Final Projects

All sessions are recroded.

“The most ancient traveler in the world is love,” Swami Rama


  • Over 300 Hours of Content
  • Over 100 Videos and lectures
  • PDF Manuals 
  • Live Zoom Video Calls
  • Pre-recorded Videos


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    Saraswati Bhakti Academy Accreditation and Certification by Yoga Alliance

    Saraswati Bhakti Academy is a 200 Hour and 300/500 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited School since 2013. Yoga Alliance YTT Certificate Requirements and Prerequisites: Must have a 200 HR Yoga Alliance approved certificate to receive a Saraswati Bhakti Academy 300/500 HR certificate and to be eligible for your 500 HR RYT through Yoga Alliance.

    200 and 300 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Through Yoga Alliance FULLY Online Certification
    Yoga Alliance has approved select schools to be FULLY online learning in light of the 2020 pandemic. This provision by Yoga Alliance is currently approved through December 31, 2024. It is our hope that this decision to allow online learning becomes permanent.
    If the Yoga Alliance registration element is important to you, then we strongly urge you to register and complete your training with us at this time. To read the updates from Yoga Alliance, visit this page